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How the Right CO2 Monitors Are Helping Hospitals Provide Accurate Patient Diagnosis

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CO2 monitors are one of those vital--but all too often overlooked--pieces of medical equipment in a hospital room. Many medical professionals are so used to their presence that they are taken for granted, when in actuality these machines provide a ton of information and even diagnosing capabilities to doctors and nurses. 


CO2 monitors use infrared light to measure the amount of CO2 in the bloodstream quickly and accurately. They provide the medical team with feedback about how the body is absorbing oxygen and releasing CO2 as well as the patient's respiratory patterns and other pertinent information. These monitors are often used in anesthesia, while the shape of the curve can point to issues like bronchitis or asthma and the CO2 levels can point to congenital heart disease. Increasingly EMTs are using CO2 monitors in the pre-hospital environment to aid in treatment. 

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