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Why You Want Heart Sync Pads for Your AEDs

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We provide AED's and other wholesale medical supplies.We know that you have a choice when it comes to what AEDs and consumables you purchase for your medical facility. Pacific West Medical offers a variety of choice in our online site to ensure that our customers have the options they want. If you aren't sure which AED or consumable product is right for you, you can always ask a member of our team. They'll help guide you to the right choice for your facility, based on your needs, budget, and usage. 

One of the products we often recommend to our customers are the Heart Sync AED Pads. Heart Sync has been in the medical industry for over 22 years, and their reputation in the medical community is one of quality. These AED pads offer the longest lead wire in the industry, so your medical teams have more flexibility in the placement and usage of the pads. The pads have a 36-month shelf life, too, which means less waste for your facility. Their products are made in the USA, so you can be proud of your purchase.

Read more about these AED consumable on our website. You'll be impressed with Heart Sync's commitment to designing quality AED pads that offer the features your team needs when working in high-pressure life or death situations. Place an order for AEDs and AED consumables on our website or give us a call to ask a question or place an order over the phone. Pacific West Medical will help you get the equipment you need right away! 

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