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Compare Four Different Fetal Monitors from Pacific West Medical

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We're your hospital supply company!You know that Pacific West Medical carries a great selection of patient monitors, as well as other hospital supplies. From CO2 monitors to sedation monitors to heart rate monitors and more, we make sure that the medical service operations that purchase from us have a selection they love. We want your group to view our selection as having trustworthy, high-quality goods at great prices. That way you can rely on us for all of your hospital supply needs, including fetal monitors

Our clients want to make sure they have the best fetal monitors on hand for their patients. We carry four of the best fetal monitors in the business. Our four monitors come from PhilipsGE, and Edan medical equipment companies. Each of these companies has a reputation for quality machinery in the medical environment. These fetal monitors range in price from the mid $3,000's to mid $7,000's, so you can choose one that's right for your budget and needs. All of them have easy-to-read displays and offer accurate, instant feedback on the health of the babies you are monitoring. 

Head over to our website and check out the fetal monitors we have in our online store. Be sure to view other patient monitors, such as CO2 monitors, sedation monitors, and more. Have questions about our fetal monitors or anything else you see on our site? Give us a call and our experienced team will help you get the information you need. You can save 5% on your order when you send us your email address! Look for the red side banner on our website for more information. 

How the Right CO2 Monitors Are Helping Hospitals Provide Accurate Patient Diagnosis

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